The Art...

Rolando N. Matos (aka Metatron)

The art in this site is a reflection of interest in all things Goth. It comes from a very early interest in Horror films, ghost stories, science fiction and all perceived weirdness. It is said that everyone has a dark soul and a good soul and which ever one you feed the most overtakes the other. It is probably best to keep a sharp balance between them, one never knows when one might need either. This site is all about the art and it's influences.

Everyone who experiences this site might come away with their own interpretation of the images and reason for their creation. Direct influences to the particular style used in the pieces on this site are two artists that were the best at what they did, Alberto Vargas and Patrick Nagel. Enjoy your travels through this domain.

The Words...

R. N. Matos

R. N. Matos was always a good story teller; it just never occurred to him to put them down on paper. Due to his upbringing his preferred form of expression was of a more visual nature. It was during his stint as a comic book artist that he researched and developed the world that is described in Chronicles of the Damned.

After changing careers, entering the graphic design field, and at the behest of his wife R. N. Matos began putting his creative efforts into writing the story as a novel. The novel is now plotted and outlined for a six book series. The first book in the series Chronicles of the Damned was published in December 2008.